Just for taking photos, Donald Trump’s Washington DC hotel has banned a Forbes journalist for life.

Via Facebook / @Trump International Hotel Washington D.C.

‘For nearly five years, I’ve been reporting on the hotel, largely using social media to do things like track who was hanging out in the lobby,” says Forbes magazine journalist Zach Everson. The Forbes reporter was recently banned from The Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., for taking photographs. Everson said he was ordered to leave by the hotel’s director of security, Ernest Wojciech for “taking photos without permission.” These are funny times; doing your job can sometimes cost you a job, and this predicament is permanent.

Via Facebook / @Trump International Hotel Washington D.C.

The reporter was then told the ban was for life. The scribe is not convinced that this is the real reason for ousting him. He thinks it’s his take on the inside-tales that got him out. ‘For almost five years, Everson reported on the hotel, mostly using social media to do things like follow who was hanging out in the lobby (unsurprisingly, a lot of lobbyists) and who used the hotel as an office ( just Rudy Giuliani),’ Everson wrote. He continued, “I even started a newsletter, named 1100 Pennsylvania after the hotel’s address, to document events inside the building.” Not only the guests and people, Everson even paid close attention to changes in room rates and unabashedly tweeted his observations.

He headed to the hotel Thursday night after seeing that its room prices had soared. He noted that the “cheapest” room was suddenly listed at $2,400 a night, an astonishing jump from $400 just weeks before. As noted by Everson the price hike could be for the hotel to cash in on the upcoming Pro-Trump rally scheduled for September 18th.

Interestingly the hotel holds very high ratings on Tripadvisor and apparently is the second-best luxury hotel in the United States and the best in Washington DC.

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