Fancy a diamond encrusted Hermes Birkin around your neck?

Turns out there’s more than one way to wear an Hermés handbag! The brand has created a number of diamond encrusted pendants in white and rose gold that are miniatures of their well-known and loved Birkin, Kelly and Constance bags. This might be the first time that we’re on board with the idea of wearing handbags around our necks.

The pendants are not particularly rich in detail (though that is to be expected) but they are pretty nonetheless and make quirky gifts for the Hermès devotees that you know. The Birkin and Kelly designs might be more popular, but in our opinion the Constance bag looks best in pendant form. It’s unlikely that many women would pay more for their handbag than they would for a diamond studded gold necklace, but as we know by now: at Hermés everyone and everything takes a backseat for the handbags!
The pendants are priced between $6,850 and $8,750.

[Available at Hermes via Purseblog]

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