7 center console beauty must haves for beauty buffs

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The contents of the center console of your car say a lot about what kind of person you are and what your priorities and preferences are in life. If you were to look in mine, you would probably find lip balm, moisturizing cream, little takeout joint packets of salt (because there’s nothing worse than salt-less fries!), and almost certainly a few after-mints from various restaurants. In the car of a fitness fanatic, you might find a gym card, some wristbands, a spare can of deodorant, and definitely a massive bottle of water. The center console of a beauty buff, however, would be something entirely different.

There are some beauty essentials for those who are always on the go that you simply cannot do without. If you’re always driving, running errands, or on the road for work, there are a couple of beauty products that you should have available at all times to keep your skin glowing and your face looking as fine as possible. Let’s take a look at the seven beauty products that any beauty buff should have in their car.

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What your mom used to tell you when you were younger was actually correct; however much you hated her for constantly forcing you to slather on sunscreen the second you left the house. While we aren’t recommending the thick, white, waterproof sunscreens that you no doubt used in your youth (and should still use at the beach- as long as they are reef safe!), please believe us when we say that using SPF on your face every single day is absolutely necessary. If you do a lot of driving, we also recommend that you get a mineral-based, fast-absorbing SPF to use on your hands, arms, shoulders, and chest.

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Detangling Brush
To keep those pesky knots at bay and keep your hair looking smooth and sleek all day, keep a travel-sized de-tangling brush in your center console. Remember to brush from the ends first; this is the only way a detangling brush will actually de-tangle!

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Lip Balm
The kind of lip balm that you choose will depend on whether you want moisture, special treatment, or color. Keeping a lip balm at hand at all times is the only sensible way to ensure that you don’t end up with chapped or cracked lips, and no one wants those! Here again, we advise that you opt for a lip balm that has an SPF in it. Many tinted lip balms don’t have SPF, so if this is your go-to, we recommend using one with built-in SPF as a primer or base before applying the tinted one.

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Dry Shampoo
If you’re out during the day running a lot of errands, you’ll be jumping out of a climate-controlled environment into the wind, rain, or baking heat. All this running around, exposure to weather, and air conditioning, your hair is likely to take a hit. Keeping a travel-sized bottle of spray on dry shampoo in your center console can save your grubby roots at a moment’s notice and give your hair a little boost to tide you over until you can wash it again.

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Anti Pollution Primer or Mist
If you wear a full face of makeup during the day, you should always apply a layer of primer before you start putting it on. If you live in the city or if you’re on the road a lot, you should choose a skin-shielding anti-pollution primer to keep your skin fresh. If you’re a bare-faced person, we suggest keeping a mist version in your center console to spritz your face a few times a day. A mist can also act as a setting spray to keep makeup in place.

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Moisturizing Hand Cream
Busy hands lose moisture a lot faster than you might think. Having your hands on the wheel in the hot sun or exposed to the heating and cooling inside your car, washing dishes, collecting packages, and sanitizing your hands when you enter a store; all of these things take the moisture out of the skin on your hands and nails. Dry hands are not only uncomfortable and unattractive, but they can lead to dry and brittle nails as well as peeling cuticles. Keeping a tube of moisturizer in the car can nip those problems in the bud and keep your skin healthy and supple.

Though this is not a “beauty product” in the strictest sense, any beauty buff knows that the true secret to glowing, gorgeous skin is to drink enough water every day. If you keep a bottle of water nearby at all times and more or less in sight, you’ll see it more often and remember to take a sip as often as possible. Water hydrates your skin from the inside out and helps to release toxins like nothing else.

Keeping just a few beauty products in the center console of your car can keep you looking and feeling fresh all day long.

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