These are the shoes to wear for a perfect summer

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Pack away your Dune London boots people because summer’s here so you know that means our precious feet get some much-needed vitamin D! When last have you looked at shoe trends and what’s hot and not? Well, you don’t have to worry because we’ve looked for shoes that are perfect for the best season mother nature has ever given us… summer! Whether you are into flip-flops or smile every single time you wear your summer heels, we guarantee our list will have you talking, at least for summer.

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The flats
We say NO to closed-toe shoes this summer and are opting for comfort, now, this is where flats come in. There are multiple styles of flats available throughout the year (yes, you can buy some summer flats in winter), but we’ve looked at a certain style that’s available to all. Presenting the Birkenstock. Comfortable. Stylish. Iconic. Three words that describe these desirable cork shoes. And the best part is you can wear a pair every day, and no one would judge you for it, largely because of how comfortable they are. While Birkenstock can be worn all year round (in South Africa you will see people wearing them with socks, eek!), they come in handy on a hot summer’s day. Available in all sizes with a range of colors, you can snap up a pair for each family member in no time.

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Sandals: Platform
Millennials! This one’s for you. Remember back in the day when the Spice Girls brought platform shoes back into fashion? Or would you rather forget it? Well, regardless of where you stand (excuse the pun), platform sandals are in style and ready to make the warmer months oh so special. This 90s and early 2000s rewind is giving us all sorts of feelings – in an effective way. Brands like Melissa and Steve Madden are paving the way and giving us platform sandals in all their glory. Even the colors are enough to get you going – did anyone say hot pink?

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Sandals: Clogs
The Dutch are not the only ones who can pull off clogs, now you can too. We love how cute clog sandals are and boy are they comfortable. The sound of wooden heels hitting the cobblestones is priceless. Now, clog sandals are not what you think. It’s the original version of the clog shoe that has the toe enclosed and the back open, no. Clog sandals have a fully opened front section, as well as an open back. Most of them come with a cushioned footbed that gives you the comfort you need. There is a large variety of colors and styles available and they come in high heels too.

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Sandals: Strappy
The warmer months demand some iconic yet fresh looks, so you know a strappy sandal is a must-have. What’s great here is that they come in a range of colors and cute styles that you can mix up whenever you please. This also takes us back to the 90s and we are okay with that. Pro tip: Remember to wear some nail color on your toes to add even more POP to your look.

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This is another classic we will never forget. It can also be worn by your entire family, so if you want to match with your partner, go for it! Espadrilles are casual rope-soled shoes that are usually flat. Assorted styles include high-heels, wedges, platforms, as well as closed-toe. No matter the style, they are extremely practical yet stylish. Furthermore, you can pair them with some cute outfits such as a sundress and a denim jacket, jumpsuits, skinny jeans, a plain white t-shirt, and more. What makes them wonderful is that men can wear them too.

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Celebrities all over have been out in full force wearing the latest platform heels that are making us drool, okay maybe not drool but you get the point. First made famous during the 1970s, platform heels are easily paired with a mini skirt or little black dress (in fact, any color), and more. They quite literally raise the stakes by giving you an extra inch or two and sometimes those extra inches are just the touch you need. But be careful, read more on how to wear them to ensure you don’t fall and hurt yourself.

Chunky Sneakers
We know we said NO to closed-toe shoes, but we cannot leave out the sneakers. Chunky sneakers are casual, fun, and oh so practical for the days when you find yourself needing to protect those cute toes. Like when you’ve not had a fresh pedicure, or you are at a festival and want to keep the mud and dirt at bay

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