Artist Prem Sahib’s minimalist yet definite Exhibition ‘Tongue’

British artist Prem Sahib has brought its minimalist sculptures which are characterized by their simple geometry and sparse palettes, in its first solo exhibition in India, ‘Tongues’ (currently on at Jhaveri Contemporary, Mumbai).

The Polish-Indian artist’s exhibition entails mainly sculptures – revolve around the personal and the domestic. Exploring the idea of communication in the absence of language Sahib’s work confounds—clean cut details in terms of objects fabricated, not sculpted, in its use of industrial material and everyday objects and reductive form and bears no conformity to traditional painting or sculpture. However, as you stand before the works in this very sparse show, you get an affect that breaks through cold material to convey organic imaginings. The artist draws inspiration from sexuality, intimacy, desire, and community to create a series of discrete sculptures. These wonderful pieces of art are set up to be in dialogue with one another, reflecting the artist’s ambition for the works to be “talking to themselves.”

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The title of the exhibition ‘Tongue’ comes from a portrait photograph with a person pushing his tongue against the side of his mouth to highlight the idea of communication in the absence of language. The exhibition also entails other fine pieces like “Insider,” a work comprising of two intersecting steel disks that speaks of union; “Me Time I,” which consists of an aluminum panel painted to look like a steamy bathroom wall; as well as a structural form modeled on a piece of furniture in a Berlin nightclub, entitled “Only With Your Lights.

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Though, it started at 10th April, you still have a chance to check Tongues till 17th May, currently on at Jhaveri Contemporary, Mumbai.

[Via – Jhaveri-Contemporary]

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