I take a walk on the wild side through Rainforest Lumina in Singapore: An after-dark attraction filled with amazing lights and digitally-created delights

There’s something about nightfall that transforms the world into a different place, making the familiar frightening and turning oft-tread territory into something new and exciting. Perhaps the mystique stems from early life as human beings on Earth, when sunset spelt the onset of danger. Whatever the reason, I knew that my heart was certainly beating faster as I went towards the dark unknown through the glittering curtained arch that is the entrance of Rainforest Lumina, a limited-edition experience at Singapore Zoo.

A map tells you the various zones you will encounter on the walk

Not having seen any of the other similar multimedia extravaganzas created by Moment Factory across multiple global locations, I had no idea what to expect what they created for the Wildlife Reserves Singapore. So, when the dulcet tones of Indian instrumental music filled my ears as I took my first few steps down the path, it came as a complete surprise.

Let your imagination soar with the fireflies and fairies

This multi-sensory walk to remember spans a kilometre-long stretch within the zoo, which itself is a lush rainforest. If you’ve already explored the Singapore Zoo, you may think you know it quite well. But when you see it lit up like this, it’s hard to believe you’re stalking the same trails you did by daylight! The light effects mimic fireflies in one section, shimmering water in others. Clever use of light and shade and music creates quite a mesmerising feel that makes children and adults imagine they’ve been whisked away to fairyland. Certainly, a fitting celebration to commemorate 45 years of the Singapore Zoo, it’s on until the end of 2018.

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Pick a bracelet that corresponds to the cute Creature Crew member whose virtue you identify with the most!

I especially liked the interactive bits, where you become part of the Creature Crew by picking a virtue you identify with, can sing into colour-coded mics to have the cute animations appear on a wall opposite, jump on lighted discs to see them jump higher or just watch spellbound as they prance around a canyon displaying their own special powers of problem solving. Through it all, there’s an underlying message of uniting to save the environment of the rainforest that is conveyed to kids in a cute, non-preachy way.

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Watch the Creature Crew come alive in this beautiful Call of the Wild projection

While this is an attraction that will appeal to kids and those that are children at heart, in my opinion, it’s also a cutesy place to start a romantic first date or an anniversary night. The darkness adds a cloak of mystery, while the lights add their special magic.

Jump up and down on the lighted circles to see your favourite animals get even more excited!

The entry into Rainforest Lumina is between 7.30 pm and 10.30 pm. The attraction closes at midnight. Tickets are priced at 22 SGD for adults and 16 SGD for children between 3 and 12 years. They can be purchased online at https://rainforestlumina.wrs.com.sg

Where: Rainforest Lumina
80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826
Phone: +65 6269 3411

Note – The writer was invited by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore but all the opinions expressed herewith are her own.

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