Luxury tea venture Teabox is retailing India’s most expensive tea at Rs. 200,000 per kg and people are buying it!

When Kaushal Dugar setup Teabox four and a half years ago, little did he know that he was enroute to curate a global Indian tea brand that would compete with pioneering brands of this generation. Teabox stemmed from Kaushal’s family business – a tea business in India’s golden Siliguri district. Now Teabox is all set to make it’s brick and mortar debut across stores in heavy-weight international airports like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi.

Teabox, a name which is now familiar with the VC world, offers tea-lovers a mix of single origin teas and unique blends. At large, it has revolutionised the farm-to-table concept by producing a fresh and flavourful selection of teas at the customers’ table in only 7 days.

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Over his journey as Teabox’s CEO, Kaushal has raised over Rs 15 million from investors and VCs such as American tech VC, Accel, and Japanese firm, Jafco, besides getting Ratan Tata to invest in his idea.

Teabox is now the proud owner of India’s most expensive tea yet at Rs. 200,000 per kg. The tea which is part of the company’s Private Reserve Collection is named Badamtam Heritage Moonlight Spring White. Kaushal says a sip of the pricey tea is like a bouquet of flowers in your mouth. Interestingly, Teabox has received quite a few enquiries for the expensive tea.

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