Raise a toast to the charismatic cocktail glass collection by Lucaris

Premonitions, hunches, foreboding, etc are all now a part of our everyday lives. We are locked in our homes and predicting our fates on a daily basis, based on statistics. We don’t know when we will raise a toast to a virus-free world but we sure do know how we will do it! A grand day, that’s bursting of good health and happiness, deserves a toast in something as regal and celebratory as the luxurious crystal ware brand of Asia, Lucaris. Their new barware range called The RIMS Collection fuses together Asian traditions with western modernity to give the world a range of barware that justifies the qualities of crystal in all its glory. The collection borrows details from our rich past, applies the legacy to the present, giving the world a collection that’s apt to celebrate the coming of a bright future. Rims collection features four variations of crystals that enhance your barware collection. ‘The pillars’ celebrate your love for the craft of mixology with their grounded, spacious forms and stand tall with unmatched durability. It’s the perfect place to drop those magnificent ice carvings such as spheres and prisms for fine cocktails and spirits. ‘The Proud’ variant includes three designs saucer, coupe, and tulip which are ideal for shaken cocktails, bog-volume recipes, and for enjoying bespoke gin and tonics, spritzers and more respectively. Collapsing walls, sleek cylindrical stems, add oomph to your barware collection much like a beautiful woman to your life. For those who would like a well-stocked bar and also barware that includes styles of all times, ‘The Classic’ variant of crystals is meant for you. It pays homage to by-gone eras with vintage shapes and design lines that aren’t commonly seen today. Have a cocktail aficionado included in that guest list? Make sure you serve them martinis only in crystals of the ’Classic’ variant. 

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Last but certainly not least is the design called ‘Rims Orient’. The barware is heavily inspired by the luscious Southeast Asian rainforest. The lines running down the crystals show you their inspiration lies in droplets of water slowly traveling down the stems, like pearls on tender straws of the forest bed. Can’t wait to add the charisma of Rims crystal barware to your bar? It would interest you to know the pricing starts from Rs. 2,000 to Rs.4000 for a set of 6 glasses. 

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These glasses and more from Lucaris are available for delivery over Home Centre, Home Shop, Amazon India, and Danube Home. 

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