From the bazaars of Rajasthan to the Mediterranean gardens of Sicily – These fragrances will instantly transport you to your favorite places in the world

Fragrances are something truly personal. For many, it is something representative or an extension of their personalities. They possess amazing capabilities, whether as the strongest memory of a person or for effective  pain management. The sense of smell plays an important role in the physiological effects of mood, stress, and working capacity; something we all really need to be in a good state considering our current situation. While fragrances remind us of people, they also remind us of places, don’t they? Can you imagine the smell when I say the words duty-free shop or the many theatre lobbies in our bustling city? Or even petrichor, since it rains like cats and dogs in Mumbai? Similarly, fragrances can also remind us of certain places around the world. To transport you to your favorite destinations during the lockdown, we have curated a list of perfumes that will ease your fears in the most uncertain times of our lives. 

Landscapes of Southern Italy- Happy Chopard Lemon Dulci- Rs 10,000 (100 ml) :
Looking for a positive impact on your mood? Look no further than Lemon Dulci by Happy Chopard. Made of natural ingredients that play a positive note this scent will transport you to the stunning landscapes of Naples in southern Italy. Lemon Dulci features invigorating top notes of primofiore lemon, bergamot, and mandarine essences (the name did give that away, didn’t it?). 

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Sunny Mediterranean settings- Bvlgari Man Wood Neroli- Rs 6,550 (100 ml) :
A whiff of Bvlgari man Wood Neroli and the notes of neroli, cedarwood and white musk will remind you of the energetic days spent in Spain, Greece or in the yachts of Croatia. This woody fragrance will unleash the wonders of the Mediterranean sun. 

Fragrances of Florence- Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Signature – Rs 6,200 (100 ml):
If there is any way to escape and experience Italian elegance then it’s with Salvatore Ferragamo’s Uomo Signature. Its rich and bold lingering sensation makes for a sensory escape from self-isolation and takes you all the way to Florence. Travel partners are notes of Mandarin Italy, Grapefruit Essence, star anise, and Tonka beans. 

Stunning gardens of Shalimar- Guerlain Shalimar- Rs 12,675 (90 ml):
With notes of mystical bergamot, iris, and vanilla where else would you go except to the bouquet of mesmerizing fragrances called the enchanting Gardens of Shalimar in India? The fragrance is infused with Jasmine, May Rose, Tonka Bean, Opopanax for subtle warmth. It won’t just take you to a better place; it might just take you back in time to the majestic Mughal era! 

The coastlines of Costa Rica- Memo Tamarindo- Rs 18,700 (75 ml) :
Notes of Cardamom, Pineapple, Jasmine absolute, Benzoin, Patchouli, Vanilla absolute will come together to form a sensory paradise right in your humble abode! What will they remind you of? The refreshing rainforests of Costa Rica, its calming coastline maybe some of that scrumptious, spicy, Costa Rican cuisine.

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The icons of New York City- Bond no 9 Liberty Island – Rs.22,600 (100 ml) :
Missing your annual trips to New York City? Standing at the various touristy spots and taking a thousand selfies? Close your eyes and let the freedom-loving, summertime blend, full of lush and tangy fruity-floral notes of Liberty Island take over you. With Bond no 9’s Liberty Island, you too can celebrate the world’s most iconic symbol of freedom- the Statue of Liberty.

Sailing sunsets of the Maldivies – Nautica Nautica Voyage – Rs 3,050 (100 ml) :
Mumbai has one of the best sailing experiences and while we cannot make the most of our amazing Arabian sea we can surely imagine it, or better yet, feel the freshness right at home in this lockdown. The saltiness, openness, and the fresh breeze you’ve been missing of the pulsating city and its shores can be experienced in the aquatic fragrance. Nautica Voyage gives out a woody influence but opens with a freshness owing Green Apple, Green Leaf, middle notes of Drenched Mimosa, Sailcloth Accord, Water Lotus, and a base note of Musk, Woody Ambery, Cedarwood, Moss. 

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