Guerlain’s re-invented Rouge G lip line fulfils every lipstick fantasy

Guerlain’s iconic Rouge G lipsticks are currently fulfilling my lipstick fetish. The French cosmetics brand have reinvented their Rouge G line of lipsticks with a renewed colour palette. The 30 shades also entail 15 eccentric designs to choose from.

My criteria in selecting a lipstick is pretty straight-forward; creamy texture and a matte finish. For most lipstick lovers, I believe the most satisfying aspect of a lipstick is its non-drying formulation. Personally, I think the line has nailed the directive.

The line touches upon shades that compliment every makeup look. Think sexy blood red, to the subtle nudes; and for the bold and beautiful, chic prints and pure gold.

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Thankfully the aesthetic and practical aspect has also been given a thought or two. Two built-in mirrors occupy a prominent position in the case, perfect for those difficult angles. A trio of ingredients also enhances the overall lipstick experience; hyaluronic acid spheres, mango butter, and jojoba oil. So bye-bye parched lips!

The Guerlain Rouge G lipstick costs Rs 3,400 and the stylish Lip case can be yours for Rs 1050.

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