Why Guerlain’s KissKiss from Paris Palette has become my daily go-to lip palette

Recently, Guerlain KissKiss from Paris Palette has become one of my go-to daily makeup essentials. On opening the chic black lacquer case, a palette of four subtly seductive colours were staring at me. The intriguing concept behind this amazing product from Guerlain is ‘a palette for all the kisses “from Paris”, from the softest to the most passionate.’

The beauty of the KissKiss palette is the stylish appearance it creates –a pumped-up look. For the palette, the darkest shade is used to outline the lips, the medium shade is applied all over and the lightest colour goes in the centre of the lips. I use the double-sided brush for outlining (slant tip) and filling in (rounded tip), while the sponge creates a matte look.

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In addition to the 3 colours, there is a primer which occupies the leftmost position. On my lips, it gives a very distinct concealer-like appearance. Over the years, a lip primer has found a prominent spot amongst my makeup essentials.

At £44 (Rs. 4000), The Guerlain KissKiss from Paris Palette may be slightly expensive but I definitely recommend it to those who enjoy dressing up their luscious lips.

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