Bvlgari joins hands with perfume company Firmenich on ‘Flower Gems of India’ project

Bvlgari has created some of the most iconic fragrances we have come across but this time around it’s their intentions that smell sweeter than any fragrance the Roman jewelry house ever created. A sustainable flower farming project is on the cads owing to a partnership between Bvlgari and leading perfume and taste company Firmenich. Called “Flower Gems of India,” the program’s intent is to build a new jasmine farming model for 100 family-owned farms in two regions of the Indian floricultural area of Tamil Nadu over a span of three years. Much like their jewels, the fragrances too need to be crafted from nature’s finest gems for which Bvlgari also teamed with Jasmine Concrete, India’s leading producer of floral extracts and a Firmenich joint venture partner since 2014. The Tamil Nadu area boasts of over 1,000 jasmine flower farmers as well as access to the broadest range of floral ingredients, including jasmine grandiflorum, sambac and tuberose, and spices. With this initiative, they establish a sustainable approach to preserve and support the local economy, along with benefits like improved product quality owing to a clean and short supply chain, richer organic cultivation and contamination-free farmlands.

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Jasmine Concrete’s director Raja Palaniswamy reverberated this by emphasizing how the new program “provides an innovative model to uplift our local communities” and the partners’ shared “business-for-good approach, which builds market security, delivers fixed revenues, and fosters a real sense of pride for farming families, secures local families’ livelihoods. This encourages them to continue their important work, now and for future generations.”

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[Via: WWD]

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