Review- What A Girl Wants – Fendi Micro Baguette

Let’s just say, if I’d had this before, I wouldn’t have lost my iPhone. The new Fendi Micro Baguettes are little Baguettes, only a LOT cuter, and everything a girl could ask for. Take for instance my fuchsia temp, which made my life so, SO simple. Credit card, check! Phone (also temp), check! Lipstick and “micro” perfume, double check! (Yes, I am big on micro, huge, in fact. No pun intended.)

When Fendi suffered a sales dip in the late 90’s, Silvia Venturini Fendi’s invention almost single-strappedly proved that the 80-year old Italian House can be with it. The Baguette ushered in the era of IT purses (ask Carrie Bradshaw, she’ll tell ya). Over the years, the purse has appeared, besides SATC, in countless avatars, giving women world over what they want- the bag named after the French bread is now closer to a power bar than a baguette.
What a girl wants- (clockwise from bottom left) Norwegian Wood, Jean Paul Gaultier micro perfume, Le Cirque chocolate, Hendrick’s Gin, vanilla scented candle, aurganics masala chai and Fendi Micro Baguette.

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Let’s start with the customary, material/ hardware/ handbag-what have you. A flap bag with snap buttons, the Fendi Micro Baguette has 2 internal compartments and 2 flat pockets and just the right amount in decorative FF logo buckle. Boasting a 100% Lamb Leather composition, it feels like the second skin you wish you had.
Fashioned at a petite 13,5 cm x 8,5 cm x 2,2 cm, the Micro Baguette may as well fall in the ‘clutch’ category, except, they’re more of a purse-spirit. And given that they wear a chunky (for them) chain strap as well as one, sling-length, you can’t exactly blame them. Especially not when they can hitchhike on practically any larger handbag. Although, you might want to make that a Fendi too and keep it within the fam.

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The Micro baguette is priced at INR: 70526/- and its available at the Fendi store in Delhi at DLF Emporio, Ground Floor, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

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