Soneva is celebrating its 25th anniversary by bringing Chef Akira to Mumbai

This year, Soneva, the world-leading luxury resort operator, will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. And we are all going to be joining in the celebrations thanks to its next series of dine-around to mark the occasion. A party can never be complete without food and this one, in particular, is all about the food and remarkably lip-smacking at that. Of the three dining events taking place across 2020 and 2021, the first one sees Soneva collaborate with Master Chef Akira Koba. The first Soneva Masters event, lucky for us, is happening in our very own city Mumbai from March 11-16, 2020. The other two dining destinations are Moscow and London. Wondering what’s in store? Picture this, perfectly prepared sushi where the rice blends seamlessly with the topping, unforgettable sashimi or aburi (lightly grilled), pickled mackerel with ponzu sauce, and yellowtail with a seaweed soy sauce all made by the best hands in the business. Chef Akira is famed for using the age-old hontegaeshi (hand flip) technique of Endomae nigiri to prepare his bite-sized sushi. 

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         The dinners in Mumbai will be priced at INR 9,000 ++ per person from March 11-16, with two seating each night. On March 14 and 15 Chef Akira will also be hosting lunches costing INR 9,000++ per person at the A Club Mumbai. Guests can partake in devouring some sake and wine chosen by Soneva Fushi’s Sommelier.

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