Someone is selling bottled English air for $116

Would you pay $116 for a bottle of fresh air from the English moors? An Englishman is selling them in air tight glass jars, collected from different ‘farms’. Leo De Watts and his family are the ‘air farmers’. They have been collecting air from ‘fertile lush pastures and wild untouched meadows, to wind-kissed hilltops and heavenly snow-capped mountains’ including Dorset, Somerset, Wales, Wiltshire, and Yorkshire. The product is growing ‘popular’ says the management, and has recently made a shipment of 100 bottles to a factory in China.

Is this hard to believe? Then you must watch the product promo. You can’t laugh, and neither can you react. It is the sort of thing you hear and wonder what in god’s name is happening to mankind. The creators say this is a way to highlight the issues of pollution and they intend to use ‘some of the profits’ for environmental campaigns. Some of the profits. If they charge $116 for a bottle of nothing, there is only the cost of the bottle at hand. They charge extra for delivery. You should hand it to them for their confidence. Audacious confidence; if there be such a term. However, if the idea is appealing then a more tangible product could be a candle. Like Penhaligons’ Lily of the Valley classic candle. It is less than half the price of air, too.

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