Arcade 80’s Trunk by Pinel & Pinel: A luxurious arcade cabinet

If you are a luxury-loving arcade game enthusiast, you had better pay attention to this. French luggage and leather goods maker Pinel & Pinel have actually created the most luxurious arcade cabinet ever. Dubbed the “Arcade 80’s Trunk”, it promises to turn your gaming experience into a luxurious one. Boasting of a 1080p liquid crystal display, this cabinet features sixty arcade games including classic favorites like Pac-Man, Space Invaders and 1942. What is more, Pinel & Pinel offers you a choice of 51 different calf-skins for your cabinet. There is also the option of either crocodile or shagreen skins. As if the games aren’t entertaining enough, this luxurious arcade cabinet even boasts of an iPod/iPhone dock that lets you blast your favorite tunes from the cabinet’s stereo system. There is no information on the pricing yet, but given the luxurious trimmings, this arcade cabinet ain’t coming cheap.

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