BMW unveils i-collection accessories with eco-friendly credentials

After successfully launching i3 and i8, BMW has rolled out a lifestyle accessories line-up based on the ‘i’ sub-brand. Named the ‘BMW i collection,’ the accessories stick to the eco-friendly character marked by the Bavarian automaker’s i-brand sharing the same vision. Unlike the usual accessory collections launched by luxury carmakers exhibiting panache and opulence, the BMW i collection has premium yet utilitarian and everyday items in the list.

Items from the BMW i collection like the urban mega-shopper bag, laptop bag, and notebook are made from sustainable and modern materials, including leather tanned using olive leaves and a felt-look fabric made from recycled PET. The BMW i notebook is accompanied by a BMW i ball-point pen, and all the items are highlighted with the color blue and have BMW i insignia marked on it.

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Other items from the BMW i collection include matt-aluminum finished 16GB USB drive, BMW i solar charger that can charge MP3 players and mobile phones, and BMW i keyfobs and lanyards. The i-edition accessories will go on sale from October 2013 onwards, with prices ranging from €15 ($20) for the pen or lanyard to €99 ($135) for the urban shopping bag.

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