Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi

If it’s Ferrari, it has to RUN! Renowned for its sports cars, Ferrari is now stepping into Disney territory as it is all set to provide entertainment for the whole family in Abu Dhabi. The Persian Gulf emirate with 8 percent of global oil reserves plans to build the world’s first Ferrari theme park to lure tourists and lessen its dependence on energy. A 2,500-acre Yas Island belonging to Abu Dhabi will host Ferrari World, a “high-tech” theme park featuring simulator rides, roller coasters, an interactive museum, and a theatre with an Italian-themed play and a race track, as part of the $40 billion dollar transformation into one of the world’s premier luxury tourist destinations. Visitors will be able to learn the story and history of Ferrari, participate in Ferrari motoring activities, and experience the Ferrari brand through virtual simulations.

To the ruling family in Abu Dhabi, al-Nahyan, who owns five percent of Ferrari SpA, building Ferrari World was a natural decision. To support the increase in tourists visiting Yas Island, Abu Dhabi also plans to spend an additional $6.8 billion dollars to expand the Abu Dhabi International Airport, where Etihad Airways, the sheikdom’s own airline launched in 2003, calls home. Just what Ferrari enthusiasts need!

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