Most expensive Super Bowl buffet in the world is priced at $25,000

If someone can pay $10,000 as tip, then this year’s Super Bowl XLV buffet at Manhattan’s Old Homestead Steakhouse needn’t worry charging $25,000 for a an excruciatingly expensive dinner. What’s cooler is that one lucky winner gets to taste this buffet after Sunday’s match between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers. This extravagant spread will be cooked in the winner’s kitchen only by the restaurant’s executive chef and his entire staff. Executive chef Oscar Martinez will whip a meal featuring Kobe beef burgers, hot dogs, French fries with Kobe beef, Maine lobster, Miami stone crabs, sirloin steak covered in black truffle shavings on toasted baguettes, chicken wings covered in horseradish and topped with Beluga caviar, tortillas covered in smoked salmon, crème fraîche and filet mignon kebabs and a fine Champagne.

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