Pen of the Year 2007 by Graf von Faber-Castell

You know that you have made it to the top slot when you unabashedly indulge in limited edition goodies, even if they cost you the moon! Well, since you are in the top-slot the cost of the Pen of the Year 2007 by Graf von Faber-Castell, should not make a dent in your wallet either! What makes this pen really special is the material used to craft the pen. Fossilized or petrified wood forms the base of this pen. Petrified wood takes around 360 million years to be formed. The wood undergoes metamorphosis while being buried in the water, mud, and volcanic ash. Gradually the wood transforms into a semi-precious gem when it combines with other minerals, metals, and most importantly silicic acid. Expert gem cutters from Herbert Stephan gemstone manufactury have given the final shape to the pen. A platinum frame encases each and every one of the eight stone sections revealing an exquisite creation.

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The end cap is also made of petrified wood. On the inside, the magnum opus carries the logo of the Herbert Stephan gemstone manufactury attesting the genuineness of the fossil material. The unique features of this limited edition Pen of the Year 2007 by Graf von Faber-Castell are listed below.
– Magnum format fountain pen
– Its production is limited to one year only.
– 18-carat bicolor gold nib which is ‘run-in’ by hand and available in
– medium (M), fine (F), and broad (B) nib widths.
– Spring-loaded solid metal clip to ensure that the pen sits firmly in the pocket.
– Platinum-plated end cap operates the plunger mechanism for filling.
– Each one is individually numbered and comes in a lovely wooden case with a brochure.
– Limited Edition Certificate bears the personal signature of Andreas Crummenauer,
– the master craftsman of the Herbert Stephan gemstone manufactury and attests
– both the quality of the genuine petrified wood and that the pen is of a limited edition.
The pen costs £1840 ($3,650) each.

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