Philips and Swarovski come together to bling the gadgets

Philips’ brand promise “sense and simplicity” and Swarovski brand promise of Poetry & Precision” give rise to a new brand name. Both the global companies enter in worldly wedlock to deliver the most luxuriously designed consumer electronics accessories under a new brand, Active Crystals. Obviously targeted at the fairer sex! Women of almost any age are exceptionally interested in blending lifestyle, design, and functional technology. As a result, Active Crystal is going to provide ‘What women want’. What more fascinating is that the company revealed that most of the designers on the initial products are women! The first fruit of this partnership will be the Active Crystals line of products which will include special sound accessories and storage devices.

The Colette concept store in Paris will be the first to host a limited collection from the Active Crystal family this June, but more products will be available in Europe, North America, and Asia starting August 2007. As of yet, many makers have largely used Swarovski crystals as an add-on to their existing products. However Active Crystals products will work the cut-glass into the design at the concept stage. For Philips, the move to higher-end fashion products could help its shrinking margins on consumer electronics.

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