As ambitious as he is, Saudi Crown Prince MBS is developing a port as big as the country of Monaco. Once completed, the AI-powered ‘Port of Neom’ will handle even more cargo than the mighty Port of Los Angeles.

Neom is rapidly taking shape. A video released by Neom on YouTube showed the futuristic development that will transform Neom into an entity that goes beyond gorgeous resorts, opulent hotels, and world-class amenities. It is no secret that Neom is touted to become larger than 24 Hong Kongs combined, which is why Oxagon, the port and logistics hub is of utmost importance. This major business and logistics hub Oxagon is now known as the ‘Port of Neom.’

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This new model will feature a supply chain with an integrated port and logistics center. The port, powered by renewable energy, will be immense, covering 2 million square meters and handling an impressive 12 million TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units used for container ships and terminals). This gigantic project with its stupendous capacity will outshine even the port of Los Angeles. LA Port handled 8.6 million TEUs in 2023. AI will facilitate seamless and error-free cargo transfers. The video gives a peak at the unbelievably smooth-sailing nature of work owing to the presence of technology and OTT thinking.

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The port of Los Angeles is the busiest in North America.

The container yard integrates autonomous traffic with the logistics hub, which is connected to the container high bay. According to a video released on YouTube, this advanced center is linked to the broader Neom supply chain. The space includes automated goods processing and three conditioned environments: frozen, chilled, and ambient.

The development continues to impress with the inclusion of an on-dock rail network that will connect to the main Neom Rail Network. This network will span the Neom region, from Trojena to The Line, encompassing a range of developments across the Gulf of Aqaba.

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