Solar Sun Rings – a must-have accessory for your pool

Ideal for swimming pools and spas & hot tubs! Solar Sun Rings use the sun’s inexhaustible energy to increase your pool or spa temperature by an average of a one-half degree per day. These floating heaters convert sunlight into heat at the equivalent of 21,000 BTUs per ring. In addition, the rings help keep the pool clean at night, since they reduce evaporation and cut chemical loss. The clear top of the sun ring attracts sunlight, while the blue underside transfers the heat into your pool water. This unique new product is easy to put on and easy to take off.

Built-in magnets spaced along with the outer edge bond the ring together while they float, and innovative design makes it incredibly simple to place and remove the ring. Dual inflatable areas offer stability, as the outer ring can be filled with water in high-wind areas. And there’s no need for a solar reel with its unique design. It is recommended to cover approximately 70% of the pool with Solar Sun Rings for maximum effect (some direct sunlight to your pool water is helpful to prevent algae growth). For just $35 per ring, you can now stop worrying about the water being too cold for your kids to splash in.

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