Star Wars Coins to be made available in New Zealand

As a Star Wars Fan, you might have several collectibles but do you have minted coins? Well, if you don’t head over to New Zealand, and the tiny Pacific isle of Niue at that. The Niuean government has a plan to come out with legitimately minted Star Wars-emblazoned coins that the residents can actually use! The embossed coins will sport characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda and Princess Leia, in full colour, and printed silver sets costing NZ$2. But if you are a collector, you will be more interested in the themed sets instead. These include a Darth Vadar coin box that sounds like the evil villain, and a Millennium Falcon box set which will remind you of jets taking off every time you open it.

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The collection sets will come in a boxed pack of four coins priced at NZ$469 (US$395) while you can pick up can pick up the silver-plated $1 coins at NZ$23.50 (US$20) each. There will be only 7,500 version made for each coin. Said to be available in November, it would be just in time for you to gift it to your Star Wars-fanatic loved ones as a Christmas friend.

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