Taj Mahal shines on one kilogram diamond-studded gold coin for 100,000 Euros

Earlier, Taj Mahal has been decked up in gold and diamonds to bring the past into present with Cartier Santos 100 Taj Mahal watch. And now, this one of the Seven Wonders of the World is again immortalized as it is exclusively featured on a one-kilogram gold coin studded with diamonds. This .999 gold coin with 58 Cartier diamonds and valued at about Euros100,000 ($138,000) was displayed at West Edmonton Coin and Stamp in West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta. It is just one of the 29 such coins illustrating Taj Mahal’s grandeur. Encased in a $7,000 Goyard leather and wood case, it will only reach the desks of deep-and-heavy pocketed coin-collectors. And those with lighter-shallow pockets can settle for one of the 10,000 smaller silver versions of the Taj Mahal Coin.

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diamond-studded_ gold_coins_of_Taj Mahal_2.jpg
Another such one-kilogram gold coin sans diamonds brings Pablo Picasso back to life with his signature and the reproduction of a 1948 poster by the Spanish painter. Priced at (about) $70,000, the rectangular piece belongs to the series on great painters and is also available in a limited number of 29 coins.
The West Edmonton Coin Shop hosted Jeunet and La Monnaie de Paris’s third annual installment of decorational 5,000 euro coins depicting UNESCO’s new Seven Wonders of the World.

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