Stuck on the tracks, a truck carrying a $625k Ferrari SF90 Stradale, a vintage Porsche 911, a Bentley and other exotics was rammed by a train in Houston

The frightening images from this crash immediately reminded me of the movie Final Destination. But the good news is there were no casualties and everyone involved in the accident escaped without any major injuries, except for a Ferrari SF90 Stradale and few other exotic cars. The incident took place in Houston, Texas when a semi-truck hauling a variety of very expensive cars got stuck on a railroad intersection and got t-boned by a train. According to reports, the semi got high-centered while trying to cross the tracks and the train couldn’t stop in time to avoid the collision. The semi was hit right in the center, jackknifing the rig and pushing it at least 20 meters from the place of impact. Judging by the pictures, the trailer seems to have taken most of the impact from the collision and the contents inside looked relatively unharmed.

The rammed semi. Image via Road and Track.

The list of vehicles being hauled by the truck is unknown, but the photos show a Ferrari SF90 Stradale, a yellow 488 Spyder, and a classic Porsche with a Targa top. The Porsche and the 488 appear to have been saved from any major damage, but the dark-colored SF90 Stradale appears to have received the brunt of the impact. It was not unloaded from the trailer and there are no clear pictures of the supercar that could tell us the extent of the damage. “The SF90 was fu**** up… And I believe a Bentley. It was one of the cars where the train struck it right in the middle. They didn’t pull it out,” said a local who witnessed the crash. Apparently, the truck driver was new to the area and wasn’t aware that the crossing was too narrow for a trailer of its size; but the mistake turned out to be very expensive.

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Image via Road and Track.
Image via – Road and Track.

[Via – Road and Track]

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