A fully loaded delivery truck crashed into the Beverly Hills mansion of a ‘celebrity athlete’ and instantly flattened a rare $1 million Lamborghini and Bentley

Via - Facebook - Pepe's Towing service.

This has not been a good week for Bentley and Lamborghini. A few days back, a cargo ship carrying more than 4000 luxury cars caught fire, which included 189 Bentleys estimated to be worth $41.69 million and hundreds of Lamborghini Aventadors on their way to North America. But it’s not just those making the perilous trans-Atlantic journey that perished but an ultra-rare Aventador and a Bentley safely parked at the owner’s house were lost to a freak accident. According to Carscoops, a delivery truck full of cargo crashed into a posh Beverly Hills mansion pancaking a Lamborghini and a Bentley parked on the driveway. It is also believed that a Mercedes-Maybach was also affected in the accident but it wasn’t totaled like the other two exotics.

The massive salvage operation.

A video was posted on Facebook by Pepe’s Towing Service which was involved in recovering the delivery truck from the crash site. The company claimed in the Facebook post that the Lamborghini Aventador was a highly customized version with a million-dollar price tag, while the house itself was worth $12 million. The Bentley was so badly damaged that it’s practically impossible to identify the model. The crash was so bad that it proved to be a tricky task for the towing company to remove the truck.

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The garage of the Beverly Hills mansion. Via – Youtube – Pepe’s Towing service.

The box truck was reportedly wedged under an overhang of the house “making the extraction particularly difficult and requiring a rotator.” What we’ve learned is the truck was fully loaded with 15,000 lbs of cargo. The box truck lost its brakes making it barrel down the road in the bougie California neighborhood and ultimately crashing into the house. The owner of the mansion wants to stay anonymous but it’s believed to house a “celebrity athlete”.

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