Trinity Hammocks allow three musketeers to lounge in style

If the Petiole Hammock, Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades hammock, and the Coyote fur hammock haven’t sleep satisfied you, then there’s a new entrant in town. The Trinity Hammocks offer the luxury of a relaxed nap, but with two others by your side. The brand has two varied offerings for us – an Eternity model and an Infinity model, both made of stainless steel frames, and having a 21’’diameter suspended teak table in the middle. The Eternity model features a gazebo styled structure which helps to provide more shade to the users too.

Either of the models have two variants each: one that flaunts a hand-woven acrylic yarn and the other quilted, but both waterproof.

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The Trinity Hammocks has been conceived to help the Malbrii tribe of North-Thailand in their search for a new livelihood.

You can hoist the innovatively designed, functional hammock that accommodates three people, anywhere: in your backyard, at the beach or any exotic location, for $4,950.

Be sure, that they will frame the perfect picture for a perfect holiday!

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[Via – Trinityhammocks-Eternity and Trinityhammocks-Infinity and Freshome]