Get the Petiole Hammock for style, comfort and class as you sleep

Hammocks are perfect if you want to enjoy the perfect holiday mood in your own back yard. If you don’t like the look but want the comfort instead, you can look for beds like the Cosmovoide luxury Beds or the Calima Outdoor Wicker Daybed. And if space is an issue, try the vertical hammock or try the fur hammock for opulence. But if it’s the style you are looking at, check out the award winning Petiole Hammock. This handmade, innovative, and creative work of art is made through 20 years of intense research and design by its Swedish artisans.

The hammock is supported by 9.5 inches electropolished 304 stainless steel pole in a half-circle to enable the bed to be suspended and can take up weights up to ¼ of a ton. The canopy above helps to blocks up to 86% of UV rays. The hammock is 12inches long and 8.25inches wide and can accommodate 2 people at once. The hammock is priced at $35,000. Click here to buy your own.

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