YoYo Floor Lamp by Elmar Flototto

Dating back to 1920, “yo-yoing” still enjoys a following of children as well as adults. It’s surprising to know that in 1992, a yo-yo was taken in to space by astronaut Jeffry Hoffman on the space shuttle Atlantis. You don’t need to go to space though to make a statement. Just get this YoYo floor lamp by Elmar Flototto and witness the difference. It’s so basic yet so beautiful and emits light with utter sophistication. The cable is rolled over the YoYo like its fundamental design and hence you can drag t to any part of your room without worrying about the socket vicinity.

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So what if you couldn’t master the Yoyo-ing tricks……you can now show your love for it by lighting your den with YoYo floor lamp prized at $320.

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