Luxor, a Vegas hotel is making a move to become less Egyptian

In this fast striding world of revolution, every single day wakes up with a new change. Following the trail of transformation is hotel Luxor in Las Vegas. As the Las Vegas culture moves away from it’s beach-like, resort-like theme, the Egyptian theme hasn’t been making any waves as yet. The theme has got a little out dated and needs to breathe some fresh air. As obvious as it seems, the theme sounds magnificent at first glance, but keeping up the “Egyptian” standards seems quite a task.

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Nevertheless, the modification process has been commenced. The pyramid and the Beam of light will be retained, but the Egyptian theme inside will be altered. Certain changes are already halfway like the Egyptian themed RA nightclub reinstated by soon to open LAX. To our grief, the Egyptian themed restaurants are gone according to the KVBC article and an expected name change to “the Pyramid” is rumored. Probably we’ll have to wait for another 5 years for this restaurant to announce another theme-change. Quite fast, isn’t it?

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