UK commoner boasts of the largest Barbie doll collection worth $144,925

If you thought only millionaires and billionaires could boast of vast collections, think again. Giovanni Madonia, aged 32 of Docklands, East London, works as a doorman and is the proud owner of one of the world’s largest Barbie doll collections, 3,200 to be precise. Some of which are crammed into his tiny apartment while 1000 are at his home in Sicily. His hobby started at the young age of 12, after which there was no looking back. His collection includes some really incredible pieces like the Versace model and also one in porcelain.

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The guy mocked by fellow villagers for his silly hobby of collecting dolls is now glad he didn’t give in to the constant criticism and mockery. Why? Because the collection is estimated to be worth £100,000 ($144,925)! Giovanni, who is currently working at the private Royal Automobile Club in London, is one lucky guy.
It looks like the saying is true – He who laughs last, laughs longest.
[The Sun]

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