Weapons for Women- Furry Guns and Jeweled Grenades!

A unique artistic fusion of two genders- feminine embellishments to the masculine weapons! Antonio Riello has spruced up of real military weapons into fashion items for ladies. Ladies Weapons are born from the most outstanding contemporary Italian features: the obsession for personal security and the passion for elegance and fashion. Contemporary military weaponry is restyled by the artist as high fashion accessories for sophisticated ladies. Using leopard skins, brightly lacquered colors, inset jewels, and fake furs, Antonio creates a range of specialized items for wives of mafia bosses, arms dealers, sophisticated ladies, and exigent soldiers.

Ever heard of weapons being christened after the woman one respected? Each weapon is exclusive and has been dedicated after a woman who has been important in Riello’s life! “CLAUDIA”, “TAMARA”,….and more exists only in one exemplar. Riello uses real military weapons to create his works: assault rifles, pistols, submachine guns, hand grenades, rocket launchers, etc. He also uses weapons from many armies: Russian Kalashnikov, American M-16, Italian Beretta, Israeli UZI and Galil, German HK 33, etc. Following the concept of “Ladies Weapons”, Riello has begun a similar project called “Ladies Armors”. Using plastic, steel, and kevlar, he intends to create body armor for women as elegant and effective as the weapons to protect against urban dangers.

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