Tokyo Art Week goes green with its ‘living’ art

River Re Wall is a system for green walls that’s developed by Hokkaido Sanyu Corp. It seems like a mini version of a riverbed or garden turned on its side. You will find an irrigation system that ensures healthy greenery and makes a soothing, trickling sound of water from behind the grassy green wall panel. With this natural sound, you almost feel like you are in the wilderness and one with nature. The Miino Brand of indoor fine art green walls has been introduced by Hokkaido Sanyu Corp. in order to demonstrate the benefits and applications of this system. These green walls were on display at the Art Fair Tokyo and their price tags ranged from $7,000 to $26,000. Temple-style meditation gardens are the inspiration for these living green paintings. They encourage relaxation.

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On another note, Sony Digital Entertainment was present at the Tokyo Art Week with a booth to showcase the Charart project. What this project does is take popular characters from Sony Digital Entertainment comic series and then turn them into fine art collectibles by the original artists. I like the living, green art much better.

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