Lippy art: Hong Kong artist creates stunning celebrity sculptures on lipstick!

When Hong Kong based multimedia artist May Sum began working as a make-up artist, nobody expected the worlds of art and beauty to collide in such a dramatic way! But an innovative canvas combined with a ton of creativity and a love for the beauty world allowed Sum to discover a brand new artistic passion. She now creates stunning, unique one-of-a-kind sculptures- in lipstick!

Sum uses lipsticks from high end brands like NARS, MAC, Estée Lauder, YSL, and Max Factor to create tiny, 3-D versions of pop culture and beauty icons; she has already sculpted Kate Moss, Anna Wintour, Lady Gaga and Marilyn Monroe among others. And Sum’s talent is not restricted to famous faces, she can create a lipstick mini-me of almost anyone as long as she is provided with a photo that does not have too much detail. Around two weeks are invested in the creation of a lipstick sculpture and each one is lovingly handcrafted by Sum. Though she asks her clients not to expect perfection as some details are too difficult to recreate in lipstick, her incredible sculptures speak of her proficiency and dedication to the work.

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With her work selling for anything between $450 and $620, Sum is certainly an artist in her own right. Having exhibited her work in Shanghai already, Sum has also collaborated with several brands and been recognized by the fashion community as well.

You can buy a May Sum original from her Etsy store here.

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