What Moves You, Makes You: Montblanc’s new brand campaign celebrates creative journeys

For any artist, their art manifests itself only when they are moved. Moved to create and inspire. Montblanc has tapped into this rich insight and created a brand campaign in the company of three exemplary artists. What Moves You, Makes You is what they’re landing with, to tell this story, they’ve partnered with award-winning writer-director, Spike Lee, actor Taron Egerton, and Chinese actor and writer, Chen Kun.

Through a series of 60-second films for each artist’s story, the brand reemphasises its mission to inspire creators to express their full potential, on their own terms. The idea for this approach was to engage with a new global generation of leaders and professionals. To ignite their passion to create and to become what they are destined to. Speaking about the campaign, Vincent Montalescot, EVP Marketing says, “It expresses a new aspiration to live a life where the professional and personal don’t compete with each other but enrich one another. While at different stages in their careers, the three creative catalysts we are spotlighting are living proof that following what moves you, ultimately leads you to a place of fulfilment and success”. In addition to the films, the campaign will also manifest this fresh new theme across print, digital media, and social content.

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By identifying its core target audience as ‘Mark Makers’, the brand emphases on how the journey to achieving excellence is just as important as the final destination. Montblanc aims to establish itself, firmly, as the ‘Maison of Luxury Business Lifestyle’. “As a Maison founded by pioneers who set out to create innovative products for those seeking to make their mark in the world, this campaign is in fact an evolved expression of our DNA,” Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO. “The way people work has changed, and priorities and values have shifted, therefore we felt it was time to redefine the codes of success to reflect the changes are customers are experiencing.”

Every tale is endearing and intimately woven with the belief of the three ambassadors. It’s both, a slice of life moment and a moment of reflection. The narrative takes you into the streets, cabs, studios, and homes of the Mark Makers, as they think aloud to inspire you, letting you in on excerpts of their creative journeys. In Lee’s film, the award-winning writer and director writes a script to flashbacks of his Brooklyn hometown, his family, films and personal experiences. “Kingsman” and “Rocketman” star Egerton heads to New York City in his film and Kun reads a letter aloud to students from his acting school, Dome Studio. The integrated campaign has been created by award-winning agency Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam.

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Montblanc has always been synonymous with excellent craftsmanship and innovative designs that push the boundaries of creativity. Having established new standards of writing in 1906, the brand has consistently fuelled the inspiration of its illustrious and very often, famous connoisseurs. In addition to equipping the very best with what they can achieve, Montblanc has also encouraged education programs around the world, to inspire potential creators to leave their lasting marks through their creativity and work.

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