World’s first publicly traded whiskey investment fund launched in Sweden

Missed out on the opportunity to make money from the cryptocurrency craze? How about cashing in on the rising demand for rare and limited-edition whiskies; at least, your money will be invested into something truly valuable. A group of Swedish scotch enthusiasts have come together to devise the world’s first publicly traded whisky commodity fund – The Single Malt Fund. Unlike similar NYSE-listed funds that invest in whiskey producing companies like Jack Daniel’s and Johnnie Walker, the unorthodox Single Malt Fund owns a large collection of rare and limited edition whiskies. “It’s essentially a commodity fund, but instead of gold we buy liquid gold,” says Christian Svantesson, the fund’s CEO and co-founder.

The rare whiskey market has witnessed considerable growth over the last few years. “In the past decade, the basket has averaged almost 25% growth per year – and we are opening up this opportunity to the broader masses,” Svantesson added. Data from Rare Whiskey 101 also shows that the value of a collection of the world’s 100 most valuable single malt whiskies has gone up 447% since 2010. The hockey-stick growth in the market makes this unique whiskey fund an alluring investment opportunity. The Single Malt Fund will be listed on the Stockholm-based Nordic Growth Market in March, and its investors will also have the option to buy single bottles from the fund’s online inventory.


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