Iceland, Norway, Alaska and more – Here are photos of dogs in mindblowing landscapes

Alicja Zmysłowska, a Polish photographer has revealed a charming new photo-series which documents the adventures of her pet dogs amidst the natural beauty of some unspoiled destinations. The series is titled Craving Miracles and it has been a three-year project that has taken Zmysłowska and her canine companions to Iceland, Norway, and Alaska. Her photos attempt to capture the curiosity and energy of the dogs as they explore meadows, mountains, forests and even icebergs that they come across.

The 22-year-old photographer already experienced at capturing dogs, but for this project she wanted to think outside the box. She told My Modern Met, “I… wanted to go out from my comfort zone and colorful portraits of dogs which I was used to. Also reaching locations and conditions for photos in which I was taking those photos weren’t that easy as with usual dog photography in local forest or park.”

“Dogs are [man’s] best friends and each dog is unique with a beautiful, different soul,” she said, “and I try every day to show it in my art.”

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Her efforts have certainly paid off as the images are not only stunning as landscape photos, but a creative and extraordinary example of pet photography.

These pictures of her happy pets in unexpected locales may even inspired you to take your pet pooch on your next vacation.

Why should humans be the only travelers exploring the world?

Check out Alicja Zmysłowska’s website and Instagram profiles below:

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Instagram : @alicjazmyslowska


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