Personal underwater treadmill for man’s best friend

For ages, dogs have been regarded as man’s best friend. Now dogs, too, can undergo training like their most trusted partners. With Hydro Hound’s personal underwater trainers for pets, canines can make use of the aquatic treadmills for assorted purposes like rehabilitation through hydrotherapy, general fitness, as well as training for competitive dogs. Many owners who are keen to pamper their pooches will buy this underwater treadmill to help their pets relax, and also to enhance their performance and boost muscle as well as cardriovascular development.

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Some of the others benefits include rehabilitation for arthritis, pain management, dysplasia, obesity, pre and post Surgical healing and stroke. Available in two variants, including one with water storage, the aquatic training systems come with a lot of customizable options like color choices for powder coated surfaces, reverse treadmill options and clear or solid panel choices.
Priced at $25,000 with an additional $3000 for installation and optional Vertical water storage for $2000, the training systems have shown outstanding results for owners as well as institutions.
[Hydrohound-1 and Hydrohound-2]

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