Pet strollers: Where’s the baby going now?

These pet strollers are for your over-pampered cats or less mobile dogs that like to loaf around all the time. You’re going out for a walk and can’t leave them alone at home? Never mind, just pick them up sleeping and drop them into their cribs. They’d be lounging alright. The basic pet stroller pictured here can carry a pet of upto 25 lbs and there are upgrades available too. The SUV version of the pet stroller has a carrying capacity of up to 50 lbs and is larger with respect to carrying unit, padding and wheel size and handy wheel pockets.

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There’s also all weather gear kit that includes a rain cover, sunshade and red strobe light reflectors. The idea seems cool enough, but you will have to figure out how manage the game if you have a baby in another stroller. Did anyone think of manufacturing a pet cum baby stroller?