This luxury travel agency specializes in flying dogs and their owners in private jets

Pets in Hong Kong are living the good life. Fun Fun and Ding Dong, two Yorkshire terriers owned by Zoe Man, recently flew to Japan in a private plane for a five day holiday. The trip was organized by Hong Kong based travel company Life Travel; the company opened up travel options to Japan for pets (and their owners of course!) just last year.

Since they travelled by private plane, the small dogs can be seated on the owner’s lap. Larger breeds can lie on the floor, which is a considerable step up from travelling in the hold as would be the case had Zoe chosen to fly commercially. The dogs were treated to an inflight meal of grilled salmon and tender chicken. After their arrival in Japan, they are taken to pet-friendly accommodations.

Life Travel is definitely doing their part to appeal to pet owners, not only do they offer “petmiles”, they also plan to expand their list of destinations for Pet Holidays to include destinations like the USA. The company’s pet holidays currently start at HK$70,000 which buys one week in Okinawa, Japan. Currently Life Travel only accommodates dogs on their trips.

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“I’ve asked myself why I spend so much money on them,” said pet owner Zoe who shelled out more than HK$240,000 on Ding Dong and Fun Fun’s trip to Osaka, Japan last year. “I’ve wondered whether they know the difference. But I think they do know — they must have known the air smelt different,” she concluded.

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