A bored dog chews off the bodywork of a parked Porsche 911 Turbo S worth $250,000

Spend a little time on Facebook these days and you’ll be bombarded with cute pictures and videos of dogs proving that they are truly man’s best friend. And if you happen to be a dog owner like me, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of reasons for blindly believing that millennia-old fact. However, make sure that your best friend gets its proper share of exercise or be prepared to brave some nasty damages inflicted by a bored doggo; something Puerto Rican musician and actor Don Omar learned the hard way. The reggaeton recording artist shared a picture on Instagram showing his Porsche 911’s rear fender chewed off by his dog. The translated version of the caption reads: “And you wake up in the morning to discover that Firulais entertains himself by biting your $250,000.00 Porsche in this house.”

What’s strange is that Omar posted the picture a few days back, while it has appeared on Reddit a year back. The Redditor, however, didn’t mention if it was his car or not, putting more doubt on the picture’s origins. A separate Facebook post with the same picture claims that it’s the work of a bored German Malinois that destroyed the fender of a Porsche 911 Turbo S that retails for over $200,000. Irrespective of who owns the Porsche, the owner learned the lesson that never, ever lock two of your beasts in the same room or the consequences can be very bad.


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