Aston Martin and Maybach may unite for luxury sedan

If this collaboration works, it will be the match of the titans! English Aston Martin and German Maybach might unite to bring about one of the world’s classiest combination of power and grace if the talks, currently ongoing, work out. If things go as discussed, Aston Martin will get the chance to design and build a new Maybach ultra-luxury sedan. It will use the speckles AM technologies, which in turn will apparently allow the British giant to gain in-depth on Daimler’s four-wheel-drive mechanisms. This collaboration will mean ‘cost-effective’ Maybach sedans and high-end Aston Martins. Who would this be targeting if this comes about, I wonder?

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A mockup of the new Maybach Limousine was already shown at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. What comes across as ‘odd’ is that Aston Martin still hasn’t agreed upon any cooperation deal, only that they talk about ‘various topics such as the donating of the Lagonda Show car.’ Odd, the way these big dealers talk.

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