Beck Lm 800 – The First Swiss Super Sport Car

Another Supercar! Do we really need so many of them? If you think so, then read on. Despite the fact that Switzerland is not recognized for its auto industry, Beck Engineering&Composits Gmbh is trying to create a notch for Swiss in the super sports car making industry by unveiling its Beck LM800 this week at the Luxus Motor Show in Vienna. It’s powered by a 4.2 liter, 650 hp, turbocharged, MTM V8, attached to a 7-speed semi-sequential gearbox. The most striking feature of the car is its weight – 900 kg with a full tank of gas and an 80 kg driver – achieved with liberal lashings of aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and the latest plastic and composite materials.

The car’s tech components are more Formula 1 than streetcar…..Kevlar, carbon fiber, and pneumatic jacks. However, it also has luxuries, including air conditioning, satellite navigation, keyless entry, and leather seats. Other additional options in the custom-order Swiss automobile $600,500 car are power windows, an LCD screen, additional airbags, and a higher output engine. Beck’s motto is “we start at the point where others have already given up.”

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