Bentley’s Inspirator app customizes a car based on your faces emotional recations

Mobile app developers are like artists with a palette and have the ability to create fascinating and intriguing software for our devices that not only help further the reach of various companies right into the palm of our hands, but also give us access to all information we find relevant to our daily lives. Of course knowing just which pizza parlor is closest to and having games to play while waiting to be drilled by the dentist are major perks too. But the competition in this industry is also quite stiff and when developers launch apps like online configurators that let users create customized vehicles of their choice, companies like Bentley take it upon themselves to go one step further with the likes of their Inspirator app.

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What Bentley’s Inspirator app does is use facial recognition software by employing the use the forward facing aka the ‘selfie’ camera on your phone, to try and evaluate what sort of mood you’re in; with that information the app automatically puts together a car by using the emotions the systems believes it has derived from reading your face. In simpler terms it auto-renders a car on your screen based on your facial features. It’s not actually as simple as it sounds though; the app first makes you watch a series of videos that have been curated specifically for the purpose of gauging your reactions. The videos include things like beachside cabanas, architecture, art etc. the finer things in life.

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Based on your unconscious facial reactions to what you see, the app will showcase a car and render it with appropriate colors for the body and interiors. This will be a car that’s inspired by your likes, dislikes and emotional responses, in a manner of speaking; a truly unique vehicle built just for you.

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The Inspirator app for Bentley is free to download for iOS users only at this time. For those who can’t afford a car made by the company, they could still see what they might have missed. Maybe it’ll create a sense of ambition to strive to achieve the dream of owning a car for the elite. On the other hand, for those who can afford one, it’s a great marketing strategy that would allow the company to customize a car based on a person’s reactions and present it to them without them having to explain what it is they actually want. A preemptive targeting strategy like this could go a long way.

For now, the app’s only real limitation is that it can only customize the new crossover vehicle i.e. the Bentayga, but we’re sure updates will be released to include a much wider range of vehicles along with an Android app as well.

[ Via : Cnet ]

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