BMW Hydrogen 7 launched in London!

When BMW comes out with a new model it drives half the world crazy that can understatedly be called die-hard BMW fans. But with BMW hydrogen 7 the environmentalists will also be all praises for this beauty on wheels. It runs on hydrogen though the petrol alternative is just a button away. But I think running it on hydrogen is a much better alternative as In hydrogen mode the car emits nothing more than water vapor and you always have the option to switch modes as The dual-fuel engine allows the driver to switch from hydrogen to conventional petrol power at the press of a steering wheel-mounted button. This beauty has been launched in the green of London precisely a British golf tournament. It not only looks grand, but it’s also gonna take care of the environment and is a great drive too.

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Powered by a 195kW (260bhp) 12-cylinder engine, the Hydrogen 7 accelerates from zero to 100km/h in 9.5 seconds before going on to an electronically-limited 230km/h top speed. I’m completely bowled by the BMW Hydrogen 7. It’s high time the world accepted the importance of hydrogen as the definitive fuel.

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