GMC and EarthCruiser have joined forces to create an overlanding version of the Hummer EV pickup that features solar panels and a pop-up tent

collaboration between GMC and Oregon-based EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles was announced back in March, with plans to create an overlanding version of the Hummer EV pickup. Back then, only a shadowed teaser image was released showing solar panels atop a GMC Hummer body. Expected to be revealed this month, GMC has published a second, far more revealing teaser with a side-on view that gives us a better look at the overlanding package, revealing quite a few interesting details. The overlanding version of the Hummer EV pickup appears to feature a shell that stretched all the way to the front of the cab. In the digitally rendered image, you can see that the shell is integrated with a pop-up tent that lifts up from the roof.

The shell also appears to have an external storage box at the end and LED lights fitted at the front and around the pop-up tent. The previous teaser image revealed solar panels integrated into the roof, which will help the EV spend more time off the grid without worrying about charging stations. The companies are yet to release any other information about the overlanding package, and it’s hard to gauge from the digital rendering if the concept gets any form of mechanical upgrades suited for better off-roading capability. The standard GMC Hummer EV comes with an adjustable suspension with a maximum ground clearance of 11.9 inches. Additionally, the optional off-road package includes 35-inch tires.

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The overland setup is also expected to increase the overall weight of the vehicle, which is already very heavy weighing in at 9640 pounds. As a result, the package might have a significant impact on the overall range offered by the EV pickup. GMC claims the standard Hummer EV has 329 miles of range on a single charge. The specifics are expected to be announced when the concept is showcased this month. The Overland Expo Mountain West in Colorado starts on August 25 and we might get to see the concept there. However, both companies have said that the up-fit will be available to customers in early 2024

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