Incenio — designer wheels from Mercedes-Benz

Hot Wheels for the Hottest car! Mercedes-Benz Accessories has revealed a new line of incenio designer wheels for the recently updated CL-Class that the company’s been working on since a year before the car was launched. The Italian-sounding name “incenio” serves to highlight the designer appeal, at the same time creating an association with passion and individuality. The name “incenio” covers the range of light-alloy wheels being offered by Mercedes-Benz. The accent has been placed deliberately on designer appeal, as the technical benefits of light-alloy wheels are already well known. The new line of wheels includes the 17-inch Almach, 18-inch Eridanus, 18-inch Armida, 19-inch Denebola, and, the crown prince of Mercedes wheels, the 20-inch Alaraph. The Alaraph wheel features a 10-spoke design and will be available at the end of October initially with a width of 8.5 inches fitting 255/35 R20 tires. Eventually, Mercedes-Benz Accessories will release an even larger 9.5-inch wide version for the rear axle.

You can choose any color wheel, as well, as long as it’s sterling silver. Their “lustrous shine” is protected, however, with up to four layers of paint. Designed in tune with the appearance and character of each series, the wheels offer inspiring ways for enthusiasts to make their Mercedes even more attractive. The wheels have all been reduced to the essential, in both form and function. Subtle differentiation in design and technical specification allows customers to choose the driving refinement, aesthetic appeal, and touches of luxury to meet their own individual requirements.
Prices list is as folows-
17-inch Almach: $340 (€ 273)
18-inch Eridanus: $471.34 (€ 355 / RA € 362)
18-inch Armida: $473 (€ 372 / RA € 381)
19-inch Denebola: $511.10 (€ 402 / RA € 407)
20-inch Alaraph: Prices from end of October 2006

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