A burst of color, as 10,000 jars of flowers liven up the Colette store in Paris

A jar of petals. That’s all the inspiration it took for sculpture pioneer and plant artist Azuma Makoto to come up with a stunning pop-up installation called Petal Box, in the city of Paris. What he did was take 10,000 jars filled uniquely with flower petals, to create a floral kaleidoscopic landscape, within the windows of Colette store in Paris. From a distance, it’s a vibrant burst of colors while up close – it’s a beautiful mix of blue, yellow, red and pink petals.

flower-jar (4)
The bottling process began in 2012 and in 2015, the project culminated in his first Petal Box. Makoto is now working to create two smaller rectangular prisms.
flower-jar (5)
“It is one of the most beautiful moments when flowers are in full bloom just before dying. We face this moment a lot as florists, and the idea came to mind to put flowers almost finished blooming into bottles to capture this beauty,” said Makoto.
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The installation will be up at the stores until January 30, 2016,

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