Most Extreme Superyacht is Spectacular Luxury

Possessing luxurious cars or swanky jets is not too unexpected for a billionaire or even for a millionaire. But it’s the classy Yachts that catch their fancy at all times. Spending their riches on a distinctive yet lavish mode of transport like a yacht is worth mentioning. Yachts have always been an obsession of the wealthy and here is the hottest of them to indulge in. Most Extreme Superyacht may look like Star Trek’s vehicle, but it’s no fantasy. It may not be the fastest, but it certainly can be termed as the World’s Most Extreme Superyacht. Cruise around in this 485-foot extreme superyacht with the transatlantic range at sustained speeds of 40 knots! This tri-hull concept has four engines totaling 33,000hp, pushing individual water jets that get it sprinting up to 50 knots.

The brain behind this, Craig Loomis Design, already has the experience of building similar yachts. In addition to the master suite which extends to 3 decks, this 148-meter hull will also house split-level luxury staterooms for up to 28 guests.
There is also accommodation for 11 personal staff and a crew of 48. Public rooms include observation lounges in the cross decks that link the center hull and side hulls-just the place to have drinks, do yoga, and watch dolphins playing beneath you. Along with a swimming pool, hot tub, plenty of room for sunbathing, it also includes a grand piano and bar, a helicopter pad, a grand hall, and an internal harbor! All the rich and the famous are definitely going to hanker after this (mammoth) baby!

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